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Hi guys!

Rose here.

I'm really glad you guys liked the sim date! I'm still really sorry I took so long to get it out, it was a bit of a wild ride. I don't want to get too depressing and such, but I don't know, I had a couple things going on while I was making so I guess that's kind of a contributor as to why it took so long... But, I did finally release it, and I'm proud of myself for being able to do so.

Your guys' response to it has been amazing! Always nice to have so many nice comments cheering me up and making me smile. And of course, everyone who's been helping me squash those bugs and all that!!! I'll delete the .FLA file probably Wednesday or Thursday, and hopefully clear a couple gigs off my computer... You may not know this, but sim dates take up a huge amount of space on your hard drive. With all the images and .MP3 files and eugh...

So, it's with this journal that I announce my hiatus.

Don't worry!!! I won't be missing for an entire year or whatever. This hiatus, unlike my last, is due to my happiness.

The last time I took a hiatus, it was because I was too sad. Now I'm too happy!!! As some of you may know, I've started at a new school and now have an amazing, wonderful boyfriend, as well as plenty of amazing friends.

I'll come on here, of course, reading and answering comments and such. I just really don't have much time for MMD anymore!! With juggling homework, the bae, stage crew, friends, family, etc., I just don't have the time to be making pictures... or a sim date haha.

Doesn't mean I won't ever make anything ever again! Just a hiatus, don't worry.

Alright, I'm talking too much. Have a great day!!!
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You can now play World Academy Sim Date here on deviantART!:

World Academy Sim Date {Hetalia Sim Date} by SodaCat17

Please, enjoy and feel free to point out any bugs you may spot! Happy sim dating!

Update Log: 

9/16/14 - Added link to game.
8/20/14 - Updated progress
8/4/14 - Updated progress
8/2/14 - Updated progress
7/29/14 - Updated progress
7/16/14 - Updated progress, added reminder
7/15/14 - Updated progress
6/27/14 - Updated progress


No, I don't mean that I won't be making a game, I mean that this journal:
Gakuen Hetalia {ENGLISH} Sim Date - Coming Soon!Yeah, so, I guess I lied when I said no more Sim dates.
Gakuen Hetalia English Sim Date
-- Sort of based off of Hidekaz Himaruya's Gakuen one, I guess, only this'll be in English. --
Main character:
You will be able to customize your player. You get to pick  her name and grade.
As a thank-you to all the positive feedback I recieved over Summer Thing, both the Axis and Allies will be available to date. Additionally, Spain, Romano, and the Nordics will be as well, because why the hell not.
You will have to attend classes. Extracurricular activities will be available too. You will determine your own fate regarding your relationships with characters.
Be weary of cheating! You don't want to get two boyfriends and then have them face off in the parking lot, do you?
and now for the most important part:
this isn't going to happen because april fools hahahhaa
im so sorry

was its own April Fool's joke!

I've been planning to make this game for about three weeks now!!!

I tried to warn you guys. I mean, look at some of them comment replies lol.


:bulletred: General information
:bulletorange: Storyline
:bulletyellow: Reminders
:bulletgreen: Disclaimers
:bulletblue: Features
:bulletpurple: FAQ
:bulletpink: Useful Links
:bulletred: How You Can Help
:bulletorange: Progress
:bulletyellow: End Notes

General Information

Gakuen Hetalia was an alternate universe of Hetalia created by Hidekaz Himaruya himself. It was released in the form of a dating sim demo, with the character Seychelles as the player. However, it was unfinished and only available in Japanese.

Gakuen Hetalia
 & World Academy Sim Date are not in association. Gakuen Hetalia was created by the creator of Hetalia, meanwhile World Academy Sim Date is a fanmade Sim Date created by a fan, me. World Academy Sim Date is completely nonprofit, and should be taken as a form of fanart.


The player will be female.
(I'm sorry to any of my male watchers/fans/players, making one version of the game is difficult enough and I'm far too lazy to make a second version for a separate gender. Maybe one of these days I'll get around to making a one-character sim date with a male protagonist, but for now, today is not that day.)

Anyways, said female character is new at the World Academy. She does her best to enjoy her time (year?) at the school, and does her best to make as many friends as she can, evening earning one (or a few) love interests along the way.


Please remember that I am only one person who not only needs to eat and sleep, but also has a social life to keep up as well. Summer Thing took me about four months, and that game had only 3 characters really. World Academy sim date has 3x as many!

:new: Also please remember! There are 9 full characters in this game! Summer Thing had only 3 full ones! This game will undoubtedly take longer to make than Summer Thing, considering all the added features and added complexity vs. the simpleness of Summer Thing!


  • If I at any point in the process of making this game pass away/my computer explodes/my computer is infected by a virus/my computer is reset, I cannot guarantee the release of this game. (But you have Summer Thing? So it'll be okay.)
  • I at this point do not have an estimated release date for this game. As stated above, keep in mind I'm a teenage girl who likes going out with friends and making out with boys way too much, and am unlikely to give either of those up in order to gain more time to work on this.
  • If I lose the motivation for this game, I will not finish it. The ONLY way I could lose motivation for it, is if too little people are interested in it. I'm not trying to be an attention whore or anything, but think of it this way: Why waste four months+ of my time on something meant for a large group of people, if only like ten people play it? (Judging by the feedback from Summer Thing, this seems unlikely though, so yeah)
  • Not everything seen in any future demos/promos is guaranteed to be in the game.


  • You will be able to choose the players name.
  • Buttons will have sound effects. (You guys probably don't care about that, but I thought it was pretty cool...)
  • The theme song for this game will be blink-182's First Date. Don't worry, the music will have an on/off button.
  • There will be HP, money, and days. You will have 30 days to complete the game.
  • There will be a store.
  • There will be a hidden cheat store.

Questions & Answers

Q: Will the game be compatible with Mac computers?
A: Yes, it will!

Useful Links

How You Can Help

1. Read & Answer the "- Sim Date related -" journals! They're usually questions.

2. Show your support! Nothing motivates me more than support from Hetalia fans. That's why I make fanservice, anyways. You can show your support by simple things, such as favorites and comments, or more complex things like point donations or fanart. Although I doubt the complex ones are likely, haha. But still, a fave or comment could make all the difference!


  • Finished coding China's script
  • Finished coding Italy's script
  • Started writing/coding date scenes
World Academy Sim Date {Hetalia Sim Date} by SodaCat17
World Academy Sim Date {Hetalia Sim Date}

If you are stuck at the dance, it's probably because you didn't reach the end of any characters' speech path :)


One day delay but that ain't too bad! ;D

This should *mostly* be bug free, but with a file that required as much coding as this one did I sincerely doubt it's 100% bug free *_*

Please feel free to point out any bugs you may notice and I will do my best to fix it!!! I'll keep the .FLA file for a week, then after that probably will delete it c':

ALSO: The button to the cheats is hidden!!! I mean I guess it's not that hard to find haha


After months of waiting, planning, and--mostly on my part--tears, World Academy Sim Date is here and ready for the public!
I'd like to thank dubkidz for her extensive help on character scripts. I'd also like to thank cheese17 for her help on character personalities, since I was on Hetalia-hiatus for like, two years?

Additionally, I'd like to thank my beta testers: Rin-luver, daridoodle, Mori-Kisekine, and last but not least Wolfie111496. You guys are awesome, and the only reason that this game doesn't have (or has less) errors.

Music is by blink-182, an amazing band that helped shape so many other of my favorite bands... along with an everlasting addiction to punk music.

BTW--England refers to cupcakes as "fairy cakes". I used this because I have a friend who's from England, and he's always calling cupcakes fairy cakes. He says that's the "usual thing" to call cupcakes, but I think that's kind of really silly so I don't believe him. His name is Michael. Shout out to you, Michael, you're a freak. Even though he'll never see this I think...

I did my best to keep all the characters as close to their canon personalities as possible, but I am not perfect so please forgive me if there are any OOC moments u n u

Also, all the scripts were written with me saying them with the characters voices, so any irregular typing/grammatical/etc. patterns are because of that. Sorry if it bugs you, but it should be (hopefully) minimal...

Okay. End of description, I'm gonna go take a four million year long break from Flash u v u


I am totally not hoping this gets on the front page nope... //sobsyesiam

also for the record I will hide any comments that refer to France/Prussia/Spain rapists, pedophiles, or perverts bc I don't want that type of trash on my game sorry but y'all really need to stop that
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it rose

Okay I just wanted to update y'all

So I started a new school.
I was a loser for 2 days and then after that I made a friend group and then got a boyfriend so now I'm all good.
Ummmm he's really cool
Very nice
He buys me coffee
<3 him

Sim date comes out tomorrow
That's good fun, right now I'm like rushing to get in final details
First couple uploads will most likely have a couple glitches so I'm hoping to maybe get a beta out today???

I don't know.

Um okay that's all


✿ Rose ✿
Artist | Student | Photography
United States

Tumblr | FAQ | Twitter

*high fives self*
Hello c: I'm Rose, and I'm a certified emo. no lol im totally kidding

i'm 15 and i like taking pictures of crap and crying over band members
my hobbies include: making out with boys, shopping until im broke, and eating chinese food/pizza/chipotle until i cant move c:

right now i edit mmd models

my favorite hetalia characters are the awesome trio & spain, and i am forever hoping for south american characters to be introduced.


i can speak spanish & english so feel free to talk to me in either???? just please note i am prone to using chilean slang


SodaCat17 has started a donation pool!
32 / 100
i will edit ur model for 2 goat
lol jk
this includes:
- model edits
- model from parts around dA or other sites
- idc if its unallowed

You must be logged in to donate.

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